Channel Reorder Bug

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Channel Reorder Bug

Postby jlepore » Sun Aug 11, 2013 12:33 am

Just found another one. Since I don't feel like using the "official" method of calling Bob to report errors to be ignored (although at 12:30 at night, it's tempting), I will just post it here.

If multiple people happen to change the channel order on a mixer at the same time, one of the channels gets duplicated, and one channel just goes away. Tryingto switch them around does not clear it up. I was actually able to save a scene with the duplicated channels, and restore it again (with the bad duplication of course).

After we both scratched our heads on how to correct it, I finally did a "copy channel order" from one of the monitor desks back to FOH and got the channels back, then had to reorder them to get working again. Major pain and lost a lot of time when we didn't have it (TV show taping).
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