FOH / MON Solo offset "feature"

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FOH / MON Solo offset "feature"

Postby shmick » Sun Sep 07, 2014 5:18 pm

In a multi computer SAC environment where 1 computer is set to FOH and the other is set to FOH/MON, if you set a solo offset on the FOH PC, that solo offset is:

a) applied to both the FOH and MON solo buses

b) not reflected on the MON computer (ie: right clicking on the solo button on the MON computer shows an offset of 0dB, even if the FOH computer is at -9dB)

c) unable to be adjusted by the MON computer, only the FOH computer

Ran into this "feature" today when I noticed the FOH solo bus was set to -9dB and decided to set it back to 0dB.

The guy mixing monitors was not happy about a sudden +9dB boost in his ears.

The email response I received after reporting this was:

The master solo offset level applies to both solo buses... generally each solo headphone amp or wedge amp will have its own master physical level control which is what should be used to adjust individual MON or FOH solo levels.

I have considered separating the FOH and MON master solo level, but currently they are still the same.
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Re: FOH / MON Solo offset "feature"

Postby jlepore » Mon Sep 08, 2014 9:59 am

Ah .. it's a FEATURE then .. the ability to piss of your monitor engineer and make him think he's crazy because he can't see anything wrong. That comes with the added benefit of making him piss off the band when he thinks he knows the levels he's sending to the band and starts screwing with their mixes to make up for the sudden change.

Another asshole response from an asshole.
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