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Re: Some might find this interesting

Postby jlepore » Wed Jun 18, 2014 11:45 am

airickess wrote:And of course I was expecting someone to not fully read what I wrote when I said it was "relatively static" compared to theatrical musical mixing. Nowhere did I say it was slacking nor did I denigrate mixing bands. The key word there is "relatively".

I read it. I totally disagree with it.

Theater is a lot more predictible, and you know what's coming. Every festival I walk into is a free-for-all. I'm lucky if I even know what to expect on a channel when they start sometimes.
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Re: Some might find this interesting

Postby RBIngraham » Wed Jun 18, 2014 12:37 pm

Well let's not get into a pissing contest about who has a less active mix. Because it all depends on a ton of circumstances and to generalize about any given situation is probably going to be wrong more often than it's correct. I've done theatre shows with very large casts that were really not all that active to mix on the faders once the show was up and running. I've done small cast musicals where you needed to be constantly throwing faders if you wanted to do it right. I've done festivals as well where you never know what's happening and often what they did 4 hours ago during sound check gets thrown to the wind as soon as they hit the stage. I've also done some bands where you could pretty much get the mix squared away and leave the mix alone. Hell even on a dance show with simple stereo playback... you would think... should be set and forget... well since the choreographer often has to assemble their own tracks... guess what... they often suck and if there isn't time to fix them for them.... you better have your hand on that fader the entire time as every time there is an edit point in the track, it will probably change volume as well. :-)

Yeah sure you could just throw a really heavy handed comp on those tracks. But why make it sound like crap with zero dynamics for the half the show, when you you can do it the old way and have it sound better as well.
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