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You decide

Postby Gil Navarro » Wed Jul 15, 2015 10:14 pm

SAC has a new touch interface that won't really work on my tablet. Enter AMP:)
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Gil Navarro
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Re: You decide

Postby jlklein » Thu Jul 16, 2015 11:50 am

I found the "why would you expect it to work out of the box?" discussion rather humorous...

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Re: You decide

Postby Frank DeWitt » Thu Jul 16, 2015 1:53 pm

I decided. BIG GRIN and I am never going back.

And with AMP, if I never use pan, for example, I can pick a GUI without it, or even go in and edit it out myself.

Oh, and if I walk down the hall with my tablet and go out of range, no one get's hurt. The guy at FOH doesn't even notice.

I don't miss seeing all the channels I don't use, and I don't miss having to manually start the engine.
Frank DeWitt
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Re: You decide

Postby randyhyde » Fri Jul 17, 2015 1:51 pm

Gil Navarro wrote:SAC has a new touch interface that won't really work on my tablet. Enter AMP:)

Bottom line is that if you're going to use SAC, you need to stick to "Bob-approved" hardware.
I bought a Microsoft Surface-Pro specifically for this reason (of course, my sound guys still prefer the old HP Smart Touch hybrid -- not sure why other than the images on the Surface Pro are so tiny).

As far as SAC is concerned, I'm really happy I bought the RatDAT board and Focusrite Preamps (yeah, Bob pushes Behringer, but recommends Focusrite for those who refuse to do Behringer). Most of the times that I got into trouble with SAC is when I bought some piece of hardware Bob didn't know about and tried to make it work with SAC, or I tried to use Bob-recommended hardware in a non-approved fashion (e.g., trying to get multiple Mackies to work pre-v4.0).

Yes, Bob *should* write software in a more portable fashion. Yes, AMP is a good example of how this can work. Yes, SAC *ought* to work with any (x86) tablet out there. But this *is* SAC. You can't expect that to happen :horse:

Bottom line is that I will get SAC for the monitor view and 3x mackie support. Bob's wiffed on my request for a SAC Remote license. So I'll probably do all my development on AMP rather than SAC -- his loss. No doubt I'll use SAC for my shows until AMP is out of beta, but beyond that it will be interesting to see what happens.
Randy Hyde
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Re: You decide

Postby RBIngraham » Fri Jul 17, 2015 2:37 pm

Honestly, I think once you play around with AMP, you'll dump SAC really fast. The only exception I can see is those that need to use a VST plug of some kind.

Bob P. is very cautious about the release of AMP and in my opinion it was ready for a 1.0 release some time ago. I don't use unstable crap to run my shows except in a couple of situations where there is no $$ on the line. And I have run almost all my shows using AMP since last Aug. I'm sure I likely am just having a memory lapse but I can not remember a single crash during a show, not even during a tech rehearsal. I've run into some random issues over the past months, but none that were so bad that I logged them into my memory bank. I think I've called Bob P. maybe twice in that time with some sort of "help it's not working" kind of thing. Most of the crashes have been while I was trying to create custom MIDI controller templates or custom GUI windows and usually were a result of mistakes on my end.

Just for the record, AMP has mixed shows I've designer or worked on in same fashion for Cain Park, Beck Center for the Arts, Baldwin Wallace University and Playhouse Square, plus some school programs. None of those above organizations are places where I could get away with saying... "whoops... sorry, I was testing out some beta software" as an excuse. Or not without getting an earful anyway. :-)

In other words, the AMP beta is just as stable, if not more than the SAC 3.x and probably 4.x for that matter.
Richard B. Ingraham
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Re: You decide

Postby tatkin » Fri Jul 17, 2015 3:14 pm

RBIngraham wrote:
In other words, the AMP beta is just as stable, if not more than the SAC 3.x and probably 4.x for that matter.

I don't know that I ever heard of a Beta for SAC... Isn't that what we get when a new version is released there? I mean it's not like he hasn't had to de-bug it several times right after release... sounds like a beta to me.

From what I've seen and heard about the people testing AMP it's way beyond Beta level in SAC terms.
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Re: You decide

Postby jlepore » Sat Jul 18, 2015 2:16 am

No, you must be mistaken. He has been using and testing this version of sac for months -isn't that why he didn't want to change anything when people complained? Funny how in those months none of the most obvious bugs people reported were found.

Sac has been in continuous beta for years now....
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