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Wireless Microphones

Postby BrentEvans » Wed Jan 29, 2014 8:59 pm

There's a little of everything here. Most of these were in my rental inventory, but haven't been used in a while, so it's time for them to go. Prices quoted are for pictured electronics only. If a case is shown, it can be included for $35. For bodypack systems, no mic elements are included, but I can ship brand new lavalier or headset mics for $50 each (color options are available). I do not sell used lavalier or headset mic elements because they tend to be abused and unsanitary. Shipping on most items to the US is less than $15 through priority mail. I have checked all systems for operation. All systems pass signal properly, and have reasonable range for the make and model. Please make sure the specified frequencies work in your area.

1. A set of three Audio Technica 700 series bodypack systems. These are 10 channel systems in the 541-567mhz band. $120 each or $340 for the set.

2. One Shure T4 guitar system. T4N-CV receiver with T1-CV bodypack. 208.200mhz fixed frequency. Includes OEM guitar cable as shown, but will work as a headset or lavalier system as well with the appropriate microphones. This system is almost new, it was found in a church basement still in the shrink wrap and has only been used four times since. $275

3. One Shure T4 combo system. T4N-CV reciever with SC1-CL bodypack transmitter and T2-CL handheld transmitter with SM-58 dynamic capsule. 192.200 mhz. This system has a little more wear and tear than the other, but is still in good cosmetic and working condition. Handheld grill has minor dents if you look closely, but hey, it's a 58 - they often sound better with the dents, right? $325

4. Two MiPRO MR-801 handheld systems. These are great systems, as they are in the 900mhz band so they work everywhere! These feature condenser mic capsules and they sound awesome (actually a little better than the Sennheisers that replaced them, in my opinion). They are a little worn as they were used regularly in a church environment before I got them. The battery caps are taped up on both for the purposes of identification and to prevent further cracking, which is normal for their age and plastic composition. These would have been $600-$700 mics brand new. $200 each or $375 for the pair.

5. One Sennheiser EW100G2 Bodypack system. THIS IS A 700mhz SYSTEM. It must be shipped outside the US. It is well used, but in good working order. $250. I will PM photos if anyone outside the US is interested.

PM if you have any questions or to arrange a sale. Thanks for your interest!

Brent Evans
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Re: Wireless Microphones

Postby Blanding » Wed Jun 21, 2017 2:16 am

That's a nice set, is it for sale still?
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