Perfectly phase coherent Beta 91 substitution

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Perfectly phase coherent Beta 91 substitution

Postby gdougherty » Thu Jun 28, 2012 6:45 pm

Not really a SAC tip as much as usable in any situation where you've got the processing available. I find that some of my favorite kick mics that have a big fat bottom don't always have a bright sound to accentuate the beater click for certain genre's. This trick is handy if you don't have another physical input and/or mic as well but want that accentuated click that a processed Beta 91 or similar mic often adds. Personally, this is probably an even better option since the results are accomplished using one mic rather than two mics at varying locations and time arrivals.

Double your kick mic input onto another channel.

Roll the low-cut up into the 3-400 range to gut the bottom end. Boost the 2-3K attack range heavily until the click of the beater is clearly defined. Pull a bit of boxy plastic out if you want or find it necessary.

Compress the result to get a nice consistent click and mix in to taste.

You can get similar results with a boost on the normal kick channel but I find the compressor settings getting a big fat bottom to the kick are often counter-productive to getting a clearly defined click. If you do parallel compression on the kick and use a low-cut there to thicken up the bottom end as well, the second fader makes it easier to mix back in a little more click if necessary. The start of a wiki. It's slow going and there's a ton of info that should be in there yet.
Biggest item is the Command Reference on how to do most actions within SAC. It's 90% of what you need for UI proficiency.

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