week long corporate event

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week long corporate event

Postby johnnydee » Wed Jun 05, 2013 11:18 pm

Twice a year we do this corporate event.

We provided 38 mics (33 podium and the rest lavs and wireless handhelds. In addition we patched in a phone (incoming/outgoing) so calls could be received from around the world for those not at the meeting. Also, audio for laptops as needed. 6 powered speakers (K12's) were used and each one zoned to be controlled individually.

The tough part of this event is that we are not allowed in the room during the meeting as it is a secret meeting. We can't monitor with headphones either. My Son Matt sits out in the hotel lobby and monitors with a remote pad. Our main system is in a small closet.

Long days...Matt starts at 7am and doesn't finish until 6pm or 7pm. Very boring...LOL

A lot of mic prep was done on Sunday. All mics are ON. They don't want to press any buttons on podium mics so we set them all ON and "gate" them to make them voice activated.

Sound has been great with no problems so far and no dropped buffers.

SAC does the job for us!


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Re: week long corporate event

Postby Paul Henry » Thu Jun 06, 2013 8:34 am

Can you give us the rundown on how you handle the obvious challenges. Feedback suppressors? Low overall SPL? And how is the phone tie in set up?
Paul Henry
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