How to Update Shade to 64bit

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How to Update Shade to 64bit

Postby BrettBrandon » Fri Jan 18, 2019 9:57 pm

You will need to download Resource Hacker. It is a free download.

All shade names and code are "case sensitive" and must match.

Create a folder on the "C" drive called. "Shade".

Copy the "Resource Hacker.exe" program file to the "Shade" folder.

Create a .txt file with the following text exactly as shown (copy and paste is fine),

Exe= Shade64.dll
SaveAs= Shade64New.shd
-addoverwrite Shade32.res ,,,

Save it to the "Shade" folder created above as "Replace.txt".

Copy one of the original 64 bit shade files (available at the rml website) to the "Shade" folder and rename the file to "Shade64.dll".

Open Resource Hacker. Go to "File" "Open" and navigate to the 32 bit shade file you wish to update and open it. You will need to change "Files of type" to "All files" to be able to see the .shd type files.
Without disturbing anything in the program, goto the Menu item "Action" and choose "Save ALL Resources to a RES File", enter "Shade32" for the name and save it in the "Shade" folder from above. Close Resource Hacker.

Open the Windows "Run" Dialogue box (Google it if you are not sure how to access it) and enter "C:\Shade\ResourceHacker.exe -script Replace.txt" (without the quote marks and with the spaces) and hit enter.

In the "Shade" folder you created you should now have a new shade file called Shade64New.shd.
Move the file to the rml 64 bit programs "Shades" folder and rename it to whatever you wish. The name must have the file extension .shd.


I forgot to mention that to update more shades for the same program, all you need to do is repeat steps 5 thru 7.
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Re: How to Update Shade to 64bit

Postby Administrator » Tue Feb 05, 2019 12:15 pm

So I see that Dell has hot linked to this page after initially trying to SELL the work that Brett did and gave for free.

Nice to see there are still a bunch of asses over there and that Dell is still the same POS as ever.
Good luck continuing to use the crappiest product on the market.
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